Grand Opening & Welcome

I sit here not really knowing WHAT to say. How does one say at this moment when they just opened a website, a business and a new blog? The first post seems so monumental – like it has to be some eloquent welcome message or some cheery discussion about the exciting future for the company.

Instead, I’m blank. And I’m okay with that. I think I am exactly where I should be – somewhere between (ready for it?) excitement, humbled-by-the-love and support, nervous, anxious, hopeful, worried, and happy. It’s been a goal of mine for a long time – to own a company.

I can’t wait to share my passion for cupcakes and other sweet treats with you here on this blog.

So with that… Here’s a toast (with cupcakes on the side, of course)!

To cupcakes. To more sugar and butter than I can possibly imagine. To my fabulous support system. To all my future friends (aka clients). You ALL are the best (even the sugar & butter)! ….. CHEERS!