About A Cupcake Company

Angela serving up some birthday cupcakes

Hi, I’m Angela (The “A” in A Cupcake Co)

I have a profound passion for good flavors, food, and all things cupcakes. They are perfectly portioned for hand-held noshing (though I usually use a fork). They are a blank canvas for creativity in flavors, design, and colors.

I’m a self-proclaimed cupcake snob (and am not afraid to admit it) always looking for the next great flavor combination – no matter how weird it might be.

After much nagging encouragement from my friends and family (aka “You HAVE to start selling these!”), I am now offering the cupcakes to the greater San Francisco Bay Area for special events and parties.

I strive for excellent taste, texture, and a classy look for each cupcake. I use natural ingredients and avoid heavily flavored (especially faux flavoring or extracts) or heavy dyes (aka rainbow cupcakes). I enjoy using natural and edible ingredients to decorate but not overwhelm each cupcake.

I don’t only make cupcakes, though cupcakes are kind of my “thing”. I also make custom sugar cookies that are great for favors or simply to eat.

If any of this sounds like something you’d like for your party or event – maybe you want some cupcakes boxed up for favors or a batch of sugar cookies – contact me and I’ll be happy to create a custom quote for you.

Happy Cupcaking!

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