How It Works



1. Contact me with the event date, time and location, approx number of people. If you have flavors, theme or decoration preferences already in mind, go ahead and include that information, too.

Note: I bake a dozen of one flavor at a time, so if you want 2 flavors, the minimum order will be 24 standard or 48 mini cupcakes.

Contact me early. I only take a few events per month.

2. I will provide you a custom quote. If you choose to have me bake for your event, I’ll reserve your date on the calendar and we’ll work the fine details out about exact flavors, decorations, colors, wrappers, etc.

For events with more than 46 cupcakes, we require a 50% deposit to hold the date and buy ingredients and decorations.


3. The day before the event or the morning of, your cupcakes will be carefully baked, frosted and artfully decorated.

If you want to display the cupcakes, you will need to set up a table with tablecloth and use your own serving platters.  The cupcakes will come to you in boxes to be transferred to the display. If you’re worried about space, you can set a few out and refill as needed.

4. The cupcakes will be delivered to your event at a predetermined time, no later than 30-45 minutes prior to your event. Don’t worry about a refrigerator. Most taste better at room temperature anyway. You will be given specific directions if special care is required.

(See pricing for additional delivery information)



Ok, what are you waiting for?

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