Other Goodies

I also make some other baked goods besides cupcakes to help complete your dessert table and provide additional options for your guests. I’ve done a variety of custom sugar cookies, cakes, and cake pops to match the theme of the event. All items are carefully planned, designed and created to match your theme and vision. This is where I love for you to give me your vision and let me have some creative fun.

Custom Sugar Cookies

I start with my favorite soft, moist sugar cookie recipe cut to match your party’s theme. Then, it’s frosted and decorated with a sweet royal icing.Choose from either one large cookie or a collection of smaller cookies to match your theme.

They work well to serve your guests or you can use them as favors. We can package them for your or you can package and decorate them yourself.


If you want a small cutting cake to go with your cupcake order, simply tell me your vision and theme and I can create a layer cake for your party.

Some people use them as a smash cake for a first birthday party or for a centerpiece cake for a wedding, anniversary or other special event.

Cost varies depending on size and complexity of design.

Cake Pops

Just another way to add to your dessert table or as a take-home favor.  These decadent little treats are moist cake rolled and dipped into chocolate.

There are so many designs and ways to do them, we can work together to match your colors, theme and flavor preferences.  Almost any of my standard cupcake flavors can be made into a cake pop.


Cupcake Favors

Give them out as party favors or serve them up as the dessert at an outdoor event (no bugs can get on them that way!). With the lids on, you can stack them up and create a fun display!

A glass jar is filled with with two layers of cake and frosting or filling between each layer. A fork is tied onto the jar with a ribbon, making it convenient for your guests to pop the lid off and dig in.

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